Director's Message

The Grenada Bureau of Standards which was established by the Standards Act of 1989, over the past 28 years has worked steadfastly and diligently in building a National Quality and Standardization infrastructure in Grenada. Twenty Six years of development has produced significant development of the Bureau capabilities and to date the Bureau has the capabilities of providing services and support to all the pillars of the Quality Infrastructure. 

Pillars of the Quality Infrastructure: 

Standardization: The mandate of the Bureau is to "prepare and promote standards for all goods, services, practices and processes in Grenada" (Standards Act of 1989). To date the Bureau has developed over 130 National Standards and maintains a library of regional and international standards. 

Metrology: Metrology is the Science of Measurements. The Bureau is responsible for the enforcement of the Metrology Act of 1997. To date the Bureau has established legal metrology programmes that are executed annually and covers the verification of scales and fuel dispensers, verification of electrical meters and the verification of lottery balls. In addition to legal metrology the Bureau supports the development of industry through the provision of verification and calibration services in the areas of mass, volume, length and temperature. 

Conformity Assessment:   Also known as “compliance assessment”, is any activity to determine, directly or indirectly, that a process, product, or service meets relevant technical standards and fulfills relevant requirements. 

·      Inspection & Certification: The Bureau has established several certification programmes in keeping with technical regulations that have been established. 

·     Testing: Twenty-eight years has seen the development of a wide range of testing services. These include Construction Materials Testing; Physical, Chemical & Microbiological Analysis of Foods; Analysis of Water, Alcohols and Essential Oils and Indoor Air Quality. 

Accreditation:The Bureau is the National Accreditation Focal Point that provides support to institutions seeking accreditation. In leading this process the Bureau’s Analytical Chemistry Laboratory is a TTLABS accredited testing laboratory No. LAS-008. This is the first laboratory in Grenada to attain ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation . 

Awareness: The Bureau continues to raise awareness through the provision of training programmes, having a social media presence and engaging in out reach programmes in schaools and facilitating attachments where possible.

The Grenada Bureau of Standards will continue it activities to develop Grenada’s Quality Infrastructure so as to ensure economic growth and positive social development.