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GDS 41: 1998 Requirements for the Labelling of Brewery Products (Beer, Stout, Shandy, Malta)
GDS 42: 1998 Specification for Wet Seasoning
GDS 43: 1998 Specification for the Handling of Consumer Complaints
GDS 44: 1998 Guidelines for the Production of Spice Packages for the Tourism Sector
GDS 45: 1998 Specification for Jam, Jellies and Marmalades
GDS 46: 1998 Requirements for Advertising – Advertising of Tobacco Products
GDS 47: 1998 Guide for the Presentation of Grenadian Standards
GDS 48: 1999 Specification for Pneumatic Tyres for Highway Commercial Vehicles
GDS 49: Pt. 1: 1999 Requirements for Advertising: General
GDS 49: Pt. 2: 2001 Code of Practice for the Advertising of Food Products
GDS 49: Pt. 3: 2002 Requirements for the Advertising to Children
GDS 50: 1999 Specification for Portland Cement: Guidelines for Procurement and Use
GDS 51: 1999 Specification for Sampling and Methods of Analysis of Sugar
GDS 52: 1999 Specification for Powdered (Icing) Sugar
GDS 53: 1999 Sugar for Canning
GDS 54: 1999 Certification Procedures for Goods Covered by Regional Standards
GDS 55: 1999

Specification for Fats and Oils

GDS 56: 1999   Specification for Palm Kernel Oil
GDS 57: 1999 Classification of Pesticides and Other Toxic Chemicals
GDS 58: 1999 Specification for the Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticide
GDS 59: 1999 Specification for Weights and Weighing Devices to be used in Trade
GDS 60: 2001 Specification for Dried Nutmeg and Mace
GDS 61: 2001 Specification for Hot Rolled Steeled Bars for the Reinforcement of Concrete
GDS 62: 2002 Metric Practice Guide
GDS 63: Pt. 1: 2002 Specification for Concrete made by Volumetric Batching and Continuous Mixing
GDS 63: Pt. 2: 2002 Specification for Ready-Mixed Concrete
GDS 64: 2002 Requirements for the Approval and Licensing of Child CareHomes
GDS 65: 2002 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories
GDS 66: 2002 Sampling Procedures for Inspection by Attributes Part 1: Sampling Plans indexed by Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) for Lot-by-Lot Inspection
GDS 67: 2003 Animal Feed (General)
GDS 68: Pt. 1: 2003 Code of Practice for Tour Guides
GDS 68: Pt. 2: 2003 Code of Practice for Tour Operators

GDS 69: 2003

Rice – Specification, Sampling Test and Analysis

GDS 70: 2003

Specification for Safety Matches

GDS 71: 2003

Specification for Packaged Water

GDS 72: 2003

Code of Hygienic Practice for the Collection, Processing and Marketing of Packaged Water (Mineral Water, Spring Water, Purified Water)

GDS 73: 2003            

Specification for Rum  

GDS 74: 2003 

Specification for Brewery Products  

GDS 75: 2003  

Specification for Hazard Identification Tags  

GDS 76: 2003

Specification for Honey

GDS 77: 2004

Guidelines for the Production, Processing, Labelling & Marketing of Organically Produced Foods  

GDS 78: 2005  

Specification for Corrugated Galvanized and Aluminium and Zinc (Aluzinc) Coated Steel Sheets for Roofing and General Purposes 

GDS 79: 2006

Specification for Effluent from Industrial Processes Discharged into the Environment  

GDS 80: 2006  

Code of Practice: Good Agricultural Practices for the Production of Fresh Produce  

GDS 81: 2007  

Code of Practice for the Management of Tourist Attractions 

GDS 82: 2007

Requirements for the Care and Protection of the Elderly  

GDS 83: 2007  

Code of Practice for a Guide to the Assessment of Garment Quality  

GDS 84:2008               

Specification for the Labelling of Toys and Playthings  

GDS 85: 2008              

General Standard for Food Additives  

GDS 88: 2011  

Code of Practice for the Preparation of Frozen Fruit Pulps and Puree  

GDS 89: 2011  

Code of Practice for the Manufacture of Wooden Craft Items