Standards Listing (Numerical with Abstract)

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GDS 70: 2003 Specification for Safety Matches

Specifies the requirements for the performance, sampling, packaging and labelling of safety matches. It also prescribes the requirements for the purchase of match splints from suppliers. (B)


GDS 71: 2003  Specification for Packaged Water

Specifies requirements for the purity, treatment, bacteriological acceptability, packaging and labelling of all packaged waters that are pre-packaged for sale and used as beverages or in foods. This standard does not apply to water distributed by public water supply system. (D)


GDS 72: 2003  Code of Hygienic Practice for the Collection, Processing and Marketing of Packaged Water (Mineral Water, Spring Water, Purified Water)

This code recommends appropriate general techniques for collecting mineral wsater and spring water, the treatment,bottling, packaging, torage, transport, distribution and sale of packaged water, so as to guarantee a safe, healthy and wholesome product.  (B)


GDS 73: 2003  Specification for Rum Compulsory


GDS 74: 2003  Specification for Brewery Products Compulsory

Specifies requirements for brewery products to be sold in the Caribbean common market. (B)


 GDS 75: 2003 Specification for Hazard Identification Tags


Specifies the requirements for hazard identification tags. (C)


GDS 76: 2003  Specification for Honey

This standard describes the properties, characteristics and requirements of pure natural honey.(CAC/RS12-1969) (C)


GDS 77: 2004  Guidelines for the Production, Processing, Labelling & Marketing of Organically Produced Foods

Applies to unprocessed plants and plant products and processed products for human consumption which carry, or are intended to carry descriptive labelling referring to organically production methods .  (D)


GDS 78: 2005 Specification for Corrugated Galvanized and Aluminium and Zinc (Aluzinc) Coated Steel Sheets for Roofing and General Purposes Compulsory

Specifies requirements for corrugated zinc coated (galvanized) steel sheets and corrugated aluminium and zinc (aluzinc) coated steel sheets in cut lengths intended for roofing and general purposes. This standard applies to those products coated by the hot dip method in substrate thickness ranging from 0.25 mm to 1.0 mm. (D)   


GDS 79: 2006  Specification for Effluent from Industrial Processes Discharged into the Environment

Specifies the requirements including maximum permissible limits of key parameters, with which the effluent discharged from industrial processes point sources into the environment shall comply.(C)


GDS 80: 2006  Code of Practice: Good Agricultural Practices for the Production of Fresh Produce

Outlines the essential elements that will serve as the basis from which good agricultural practices can be elaborated and utilized by fresh produce farms of all sizes. (C)


GDS 81: 2007  Code of Practice for the Management of Tourist Attractions

This standard is intended to assist staff and management of attractions in the proper upkeep and operation to provide visitor satisfaction. It should be used by tour operators and tourists alike as a guide to the service and product expected and to measure that which is provided.


GDS 82: 2007  Requirements for the Care and Protection of the Elderly

This standard sets out the minimum requirements for residential and nursing homes as well as guidelines for the care and protection of the elderly as a whole. (A)


GDS 83: 2007  Code of Practice for a Guide to the Assessment of Garment Quality

This standard is intended to provide a uniform system of reference data on the various constructional features, finishing and presentation of some common outwear garments offered for sale to the general public in Grenada. (B)


GDS 84:2008 Specification for the Labelling of Toys and Playthings Compulsory

Describes the labelling requirements for locally made or imported toys and playthings for children sold in Grenada. (A)


GDS 85: 2008  General Standard for Food Additives

Sets forth the conditions under which permitted food additives may be used in all foods, whether or not they have previously been standardized by Codex. (CODEX STAN 192-1995) (REV.6-2005)


GDS 88: 2011  Code of Practice for the Preparation of Frozen Fruit Pulps and Puree

Gives guidelines for the preparation, processing and packaging of frozen fruit pulps and purees for the use in the manufacture of fruit juices and nectars within the CARICOM region. This Code of Practice is applicable to pulps and purees obtained from edible fruits. It describes the requirements for pulps and purees and the methods of analysis to be used. (CRCP 6: 2010)


GDS 89: 2011 Code of Practice for the Manufacture of Wooden Craft Items

Establishes the minimum requirements for the manufacture and production of wooden craft items. The document is more focused on performance than prescriptive requirements for craft items.