Standards Listing (Numerical with Abstract)

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GDS 39: Pt. 2: 1998 Qualification Criteria for Quality Systems Auditors



Gives guidelines on qualification criteria for auditors. (ISO 140011-2) (A)


GDS 39: Pt. 3: 1998 Management of Audit Programmes


Gives basic guidelines for managing quality system audit programmes.(ISO 10011-3) (A)


GDS 40: Pt. 1: 1998  Environmental Management Systems - Specification with Guidance for use


Specifies requirement for an environmental management system, to enable an organization to formulate a policy and objectives taking into account legislative requirements and information about significant environmental impacts.(ISO 14001: 1996)  (B)


GDS 40: Pt. 2: 1998  Environmental Management Systems – General Guidelines onPrinciple, Systems and Supporting Techniques


Provides guidance on the development and implementationof environmental management systemsand principles, and their coordination with other management systems. (ISO 14004: 1996)(C) 


GDS 40: Pt. 3: 1998  Guidelines for Environmental Auditing – General Principles


Provides the general principles of environmental auditing that is applicable to all types of auditing.(ISO 14010: 1996)(A) 


GDS 40: Pt. 4: 1998 Guidelines for Environmental Auditing – Audit ProceduresAuditing of Environmental Management Systems


Establishes audit procedures that provide for the planning and conduct of an audit of an EMS to determine conformance with EMS audit criteria. (ISO 14011: 1996) (A)


GDS 40: Pt. 5: 1998  Guidelines for Environmental Auditing – Qualification Criteria for Environmental Auditors


Provides guidance on qualification criteria for environmental auditors and lead auditors and is applicable to both internal and external auditors.(ISO 14012: 1996)(A)


GDS 40: Pt. 6: 1998 Environmental Management – Life Cycle Assessment –Principles and Framework


Specifies the general framework, principles and requirements for conducting and reporting life cycle assessment studies.(ISO 14040: 1997)(A)


GDS 41: 1998Requirements for the Labelling of Brewery Products (Beer, Stout, Shandy, Malta)


Specifies requirements for the labelling of brewery products to be sold in the Caribbean Common Market.(A)


GDS 42: 1998Specification for Wet Seasoning


Specifies requirements for wet seasoning.  (B)


GDS 43: 1998  Specification for the Handling of Consumer Complaints 


Sets out the essential elements for the management of complaints from the inception to satisfaction or final determination, as the case may be, irrespective of the nature of the complaint or the size of the organization receiving the complaint. It further provides guidelines for the implementation of a complaints handling process.(B)


GDS 44: 1998 Guidelines for the Production of Spice Packages for the Tourism Sector


Sets out guidelines and describes minimum requirements for the composition, purity, hygiene in processing, packaging and labelling of spices to be sold to the tourist sector.(A)


GDS 45: 1998  Specification for Jam, Jellies and Marmalades

Prescribes requirements and methods of sampling and testing of jams, jellies and marmalades.


GDS 46: 1998  Requirements for Advertising – Advertising of Tobacco Products


Prescribes the wording of a warning notice and its presentation to consumers in advertisements for cigarettes on television, radio, press, posters and other media of communication.(B)


GDS 47: 1998  Guide for the Presentation of Grenadian Standards


Specifies requirements for the general presentation and arrangement of the content of a Grenadian standard and for the preparation of the draft standards. (C)


GDS 48: 1999  Specification for Pneumatic Tyres for Highway Commercial Vehicles Compulsory 



Specifies physical dimensions, performance and marking requirements for pneumatic tyres for highway commercial vehicles. Test methods for determining conformity to the performance requirements are also included. (C)


GDS 49: Pt. 1: 1999  Requirements for Advertising: General


Sets out general requirements for the contents of advertising, sold or consumed, under local control in Grenada, in any medium whether foreign or locally generated.The advertising of pesticides is not covered by this standard as statutory control of the advertisement of these products is covered by the Pesticides Control Act of 1973.(B)


GDS 49: Pt. 2: 2001Code of Practice for the Advertising of Food Products


Lays down the basic principles and rules for the conduct of food advertising and claims. (A)


GDS 49: Pt. 3: 2002 Requirements for the Advertising to Children


Sets out guidelines which would prevent the arousal of high expectation, which could lead to disappointment, or cause conflict with parental decision. (A)


GDS 50: 1999 Specification for Portland Cement: Guidelines for Procurement and Use Compulsory


Detail the requirements for the composition, manufacture, sampling and testing of ordinary and rapid hardening Portland cement. (D)


GDS 51: 1999 Specification for Sampling and Methods of Analysis of Sugar


Prescribes the sampling plans and methods of analysis for sugar.(D)


GDS 52: 1999 Specification for Powdered (Icing) Sugar


Prescribes the requirement for powdered sugar (icing sugar) that is finely pulverized white sugar. (A)


GDS 53: 1999  Sugar for Canning

Prescribes the requirement for white sugar, which has been purified and crystallized and is sold in crystalline form for use in canning and preserving operations. (A)


GDS 54: 1999 Certification Procedures for Goods Covered by Regional Standards (A) 


GDS 55: 1999  Specification for Fats and Oils

Applies to edible fats, oils and mixtures thereof; including those that have been subjected to processes of modification but not including fats and oils which must be subjected to such processes in order to render them suitable for human consumption. (A)


GDS 56: 1999 Specification for Palm Kernel Oil 

States the requirements for edible palm kernel oil. (A)


GDS 57: 1999  Classification of Pesticides and Other Toxic Chemicals

Provides guidelines for classifying pesticides, defoliants and plant desiccants and other toxic chemicals according to the degree of hazard, which they present to human life.(B)


GDS 58: 1999Specification for the Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticide


GDS 59: 1999  Specification for Weights and Weighing Devices to be used in Trade

Prescribes the requirements for particular weighing devicessuitable for use in trade.(A)


GDS 60: 2001  Specification for Dried Nutmeg and Mace

Specifies requirements for dried nutmeg (whole or broken) and for dried mace (whole or in pieces) obtained from the nutmeg tree (Myristica fragans Houtt) for wholesale and retail commercial purposes. (A)


GDS 61: 2001 Specification for Hot Rolled Steeled Bars for the Reinforcement of Concrete

Covers deformed and plain billet-steel bars, in cut lengths or coils, for concrete reinforcement. (B) 


GDS 62: 2002 Metric Practice Guide

Specifies inter alia conversion factors to be used in converting quantities measured in imperial and other units to SI Units. It sets out procedures for the uniform use of these conversion factors.(C)


GDS 63: Pt. 1: 2002  Specification for Concrete made by Volumetric Batching and Continuous Mixing

Covers concrete made from materials continuously batched by volume, mixed in a continuous mixer and delivered to the purchaser in a freshly mixed and unhardened state. (A)


GDS 63: Pt. 2: 2002  Specification for Ready-Mixed Concrete Compulsory

Specifies the condition under which ready-mixed concrete shall be made and delivered, and the methods by which the purchaser can specify with his enquiry or order the properties of the concrete required. It provides a specification for the production and supply of ready-mixed concrete. (A)


GDS 64: 2002  Requirements for the Approval and Licensing of Child Care Homes

Sets out the procedures by which Child Care Homes are to be assessed and licensed and also lays down the minimum requirements for proper upkeep of these facilities


GDS 65: 2002  General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories

Specifies the general requirements for the competence to carry out test and/or calibration, including sampling.It covers testing and calibration using standard methods, non-standard methods and laboratory developed methods.(ISO/IEC 17025: 1999)(B)


GDS 66: 2002  Sampling Procedures for Inspection by Attributes Part 1: Sampling Plans indexed by Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) for Lot-by-Lot Inspection

Specifies sampling plans and procedures for inspection by attributes of discrete items.(D)


GDS 67: 2003  Animal Feed (General)

Sets out requirement for labelling, packaging, sampling and analysing of animal feeds whether pre-packed or sold in bulk. Should be read in conjunction with GDS 1: Part 9: 2003.(A)


GDS 68: Pt. 1: 2003  Code of Practice for Tour Guides

It is intended to assist Tour Guides in the establishment and maintenance of minimum acceptable level of service for tour guiding.  (A)


GDS 68: Pt. 2: 2003   Code of Practice for Tour Operators

This code of practice is intended to assist tour operators in the establishment and maintenance of minimum acceptable level of service for tour operators.


GDS 69: 2003 Rice – Specification, Sampling Test and Analysis Compulsory

Prescribes the requirement for grades of paddy, cargo rice, milled rice, cargo parboiled rice and milled parboiled rice. It also specifies the general conditions for sampling and the methodologies for assessing the various factors used in determining the quality of rice. (C)