Grenada Bureau of Standards (GDBS) was established by Standards Act No. 6 of 1989. It is situated at Queen’s Park, St. George’s. The Bureau is a body corporate within the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, Planning & Labour. It is governed by a fifteen (15) member Standards Council, who are the Board of Directors of the organization. The day-to-day activities are conducted by a Secretariat headed by a Director and sixteen (16) staff members.


The following Acts and their attendant regulations give force to the work of the Bureau:

Standards Act No. 6 of 1989
Metrology Act and Regulations, 1997
Exportation of Fresh Produce Act, 1998

‘Improving the quality competitiveness of Grenadian Industries thus enhancing the quality of life of Grenadians through standardization.’


The following are the main roles of the bureau:  

To prepare national standards and encourage standardization in commerce and trade;  

To encourage manufacturers to produce quality products without limiting the consumer’s choice or restricting freedom in design or manufacture;  

To safeguard the country against the dumping’ of inferior quality goods;  To provide for the testing and calibration services to industry;  

To ensure equity in trade;  

To provide conformity assessment services (inspection, testing and certification) in keeping with technical regulations, protection of environment, occupational health & safety and supporting exporters and manufacturers;  

To offer technological advice and consultancy services to both government and industry in relation to standards;  

Provision of training to support industry  

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