Metrology Laboratory

Metrology is defined as the science of measurement. Under the Metrology Act of 1997 and the Weight & Measures regulations of 1998, the Grenada Bureau of Standards (GDBS) is the National Metrology Institute with the responsibility for maintaining the national measurement references and the provision of legal and industrial metrology services. The GDBS over the years has developed its metrology capabilities in keeping with its mandate. The metrology laboratory and department provides the following services:




Calibration Services

Calibration of masses/weights

Calibration of Non Automatic Weighing Instruments

Calibration of volumetric test measures

Calibration of caliper and micrometers

Calibration of thermometers



Verification Services

Legal Metrology services

Verification of masses/weights

Verification of weighing instrument

Verification of lottery balls

Verification of electrical meters

Verification of CFL/LED watts rating

Verification of length measures

Verification of caliper and micrometers

Verification of thermometers