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Tender for Laboratory Equipment


The Grenada Bureau of Standards (GDBS) is inviting qualified vendors to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the procurement of equipment for its analytical chemistry, microbiology and metrology laboratories. We are seeking reliable and high-quality equipment that meets our specifications and requirements.

1.0 Introduction

Grenada Bureau of Standards
The Grenada Bureau of Standards (GDBS) is the main entity responsible for and driving the development of Grenada’s National Quality Infrastructure. GDBS was established by Standards Act of 1989 and is a body corporate within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Export Development. The GDBS is also the designated National Metrology Institute (NMI) for Grenada. The GDBS is governed by a Standards Council, who are the Board of Directors of the organization. The day-to-day activities are conducted by a Secretariat headed by a director and twenty-four (24) staff members. The operations of the GDBS are based on the pillars of the Quality Infrastructure (Standardization, Metrology, Conformity Assessment [Testing, Inspection & Certification], and Accreditation) and Financial Self‐Sustainability and Organizational Efficiency.

2.0 Enhancing Exports Through the Strengthening of the Grenada Bureau of Standards Project

The Grenada Bureau of Standards under the Grant Agreement between the CARICOM Development Fund and the Government of Grenada has received support to procure equipment for its new laboratories under the “Enhancing Exports Through the Strengthening of the Grenada Bureau of Standards Project”.
The objective of this project is to enhance the competitiveness of Grenada’s food products especially in foreign markets. In particular, to provide the necessary conformity assessment services for ensuring compliance to food safety regulations and facilitating market access. To achieve this objective, this project seeks to enhance the national quality infrastructure through improving the food control system and ensure sustainable and inclusive growth by strengthening the technical capabilities of the Grenada Bureau of Standards.

The expected result of the project is to strengthen Grenada’s national quality infrastructure to enable the food production and processing sector in Grenada to comply with national food safety regulations and the regulations of importing countries. This is expected to substantially have a positive impact on the national economy by enhancing the chances of food products in Grenada to access lucrative export markets. Furthermore, this will contribute to poverty reduction and also enhance livelihoods of small producers providing the bulk of agri-food supplies. The project is of strategic national importance, as the proper functioning of the national quality infrastructure is considered to be a necessary condition for the successful export of agri-food which is given high priority in the government’s economic development program.

3.0 Equipment to be supplied

The GDBS is currently seeking EOIs for the supply and installation (where applicable) of the following equipment and materials:

a) LOT 1 – Nutritional Profiling
(Solvent Extractor, Fat Analyzer, Kjeldahl Analyzer, Microwave Digestor, Protein Analyzer)

b) LOT 2 – Microbiology
(Hygiene Monitoring System, Digital Colony Counter Pen, Lab Refrigerator, Incubator, Biosafety Cabinet, Vortex Mixer, Hot plate with Magnetic Stirrer, Water Bath, Dataloggers, Digital Microscope with camera)

c) LOT 3 – Metrology
(Weight Sets, Mass Comparator, Ice Crusher, Digital Calipers, Digital Micrometers)

LOT 4 – Advance Analysis
(HPLC System)

d) LOT 5 – General Analysis
(Alcohol Meter, Bench top Refractometer, pH Meter, TDS Meter)

e) LOT 6 – General Supplies
(Waste containers, Bunsen burner, Test tubes and racks, Drain Stand, Beakers, Volumetric Flasks, Measuring cylinders, Petri-dish carrying rack, Sample bottles, Tongs, Lab Spatula, Scoop Spoon, Test Tube Clamps, Sterilizer Forceps, Tweezers, Membrane Filter Manifold Sets with vacuum pumps, Gram Staining Rack and Tray, Inoculating Loop, Inoculating Needles, L- Shaped Spreader)

4.0 Qualifications

a) Vendor must be registered firm/company with over five (5) years’ experience in the supply of laboratory equipment;
b) Vendor must have executed at least two (2) assignments of a similar nature in the past five (5) years;
c) Vendors must have qualified and experience personnel for the installation and commissioning of equipment (where applicable);
d) Where applicable, guarantees must be available for the equipment supplied.

5.0 EOI Submission Guidelines and Instructions

5.1 EOI documentation
The EOI must contain the following:
(a) Company Profile.
(b) Relevant contact information of the firm/company.
(c) Documentation to support/confirm the qualifications listed in 4.0 above

5.2 Deadline for submission of EOI4EOIs are to be submitted on or before 3:45 p.m. of January 22nd, 2024.

5.3 Submission instructions
EOIs are to be emailed to and copied to containing the following as the subject:
“EOI for Supply of Equipment & Materials – CDF Project”

Interested vendors are eligible to quote on any number of the lots.

The detailed request for quotation (Inclusive of required specifications) will be submitted to eligible/ shortlisted vendors. 

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