Materials Testing

The year 2007 saw the amalgamation of Grenada Bureau of Standards with the Materials Laboratory of the Ministry of Works. Since then the Bureau’s Materials Testing Laboratory has continued provide testing services in accordance to ASTM, British and AASHTO standards. The Laboratory also provides conformity assessment services for technical regulations for construction sector.

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Soil & Geotechnical Analyses

Testing of Soils
Moisture Content
Atterberg Limit
Linear Shrinkage
Specific Gravity
Unit Weight (Wet Density)
Grain Size Distribution
(Wet and Dry Sieve)
California Bearing Ratio
(Soil Strength)
Compaction Test
(Standard & Modified Proctor)

Geotechnical Investigation
Insitu Density
Compressive Strength
Soil Resistance
Shear Vane
Load Bearing Capacity
Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS)

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Concrete Products Analyses

Concrete Blocks
Compressive Strength

Ready-Mix Concrete
Compressive strength
Slump test

Testing of Cement
Setting Time
Compressive Strength

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Asphalt Analyses

Bitumen Content 
(on Hot Mix Samples)

Core Density 
(to check thickness of pavement)

Maximum Theoretical Specific Gravity
(to check air void on hot mix)

Penetration Test
(on Raw Bitumen used for Making Mix)

Marshall Stability and Flow Test
(to determine the strength of the asphalt)

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Aggregates Analysis

Specific Gravity
Sand Equivalent
Bulk Density
Aggregate Impact Value
Flakiness Index
Elongation Index
Aggregate Crushing Value
Los Angeles Abrasion
(to check the hardness of the aggregates)

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